Meet the team

Arkive is created and run by the charity Wildscreen.

Liana Vitali

Liana Vitali Science, Education and Outreach Officer, Wildscreen USA

As part of a small but mighty team in the US, Liana enjoys meeting fascinating and influential filmmakers, photographers, conservationists and educators as part of her daily work. Getting the occasional chance to explore ARKive with students in the classroom is also a pretty awesome perk!

Believes… that inspiring even one single person to appreciate nature is a success.

Most memorable wildlife encounter: a tie between swimming with whale sharks in the Sea of Cortez and chasing the Przewalkski’s horse in Mongolia.

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: No matter how many times I look at this picture, I always find it hard to tear my eyes away from the snow leopard’s eyes!


Lucie Muir

Lucie Muir Wildscreen Exchange Manager, Wildscreen

Growing up round the corner from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, Lucie couldn’t help but become a bit obsessed with animals. After studying Zoology and Conservation at University, cementing the obsession even further, Lucie joined Wildscreen’s ARKive project in 2005. She leads our educational work, looks after the Content Team and is responsible for the excessive use of puns in the ARKive enews and blog. Gerald Durrell have a lot to answer for.

Believes… Everyone has the right to see and fall in love with nature.

Most memorable wildlife encounter: Watching humpback whales bubble-net feeding in Cape Cod, closely followed by being force-fed my first ever fig courtesy of a Sumatran orangutan.

Favourite wildlife video/photo/film: This is hard but one of my favourites has to be the 2008 Wildscreen Festival entry Hawaii Message in the Waves. It really shows the difference a film can make and it’s now the focus of a new ARKive education resource.

Then there’s the solenodon. It was my conversation starter with Sir David Attenborough when he visited the Wildscreen offices. My gran has a picture of this momentous occasion on her fridge – that’s how much of a big deal it was.